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My 1/12 scale 57 Chevy gasser build

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks all

I haven't been working on it for the last week. Been messing with this

2017 Challenger 392 T/A in Gomango orange. Got tired of climbing in and out of my lifted jeep jk wrangler.getin to old for that but not for this...IT'S F'N ASSUME!!! It's got 485hp/475lbs-ft cold air intake and does the Quarter mile in the low 12's.




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Wow, and I thought Pocher did great detailed kits. They ain't got nothin' on your RG2 Kit. :D

BTW, just give in and teach her how to drive the T/A down the track. Who knows, with her lighter weight, she may get it to high 11s!


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  • 8 months later...

I have been enjoying your story so far Ron.  As you know, the good news about 1/12 scale is you can add so much detail - the bad news is you HAVE to add so much detail!  Obviously you are up to the challenge with the amount of awesome parts you have produced so far.

Further to the comments about your floor and firewall, I have had a lot of success using printer's aluminium plate.  It comes in at least two thicknesses and if you have an old school (not digital) style offset printer in your neighbourhood it shouldn't be too hard to scam up some left over sheets ( I am very fortunate to have a model making mate who has provided me with a lifetime supply!)  It offers it's own challenges in construction but there is no paint in the world that looks as aluminiumy as aluminium! It will really set off the interior of your gasser!

As an ex-draftsman< I too appreciate your clean drawing style.



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