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new resin from oldr-n-drt an holy grail resin

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next on the casting list..mastered by Charlie Rowley..1966 dodge power wagon w-300 single cab with 2 differ beds.. 1 is a smooth side an 1 is  has fenders..NO price yet,in the works..coming..in no particular order..1968 dodge power wagon w-500 single cab like (s&m ,dick landy an don grother used) with correct grill..1968 dodge power wagon w-500 crew cab , a lot of racers used it..with correct grill..hauler beds.. like snake, mongoose an billy the kid used..3 differ beds..2005 ford cruiser with dually fenders..this is a full resin kit..diorama items..to use in the hauler beds(yes some doors will be opened)..semi style motor coach bed(yall furnish the semi)..stacker 2 trailer(hauls 2 cars)..keep up with the latest castings..www.resinmodelcasting.proboards.com       thanks to rocky & greg for making these possible...oldr-n-drt

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Old-n-dirty the race car haulers you are talking about are all 2 wheel drive D sire so the cabs you are casting and the frame you are recommending would makes me think you should change your post to D sires not W truck and the smooth side bed you are talking about is called a sweptline bed. I hope I don't sound rude or like I am arguing and if so I am extremely sorry as I am just trying to lend a hand. 

I hope this helps.

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I know exactly what you are trying to makes all the sense in the world . The way it should be listed  is  100 300 500 and that's all .he has no chassis.  You supply that. And that is what is going to determine wither  it will be the  the A or the  W  . I see  alot with issues about it being the big truck or pick up  cab they are the same  even on the real full size 1:1 truck they have a filler panel under the grill and running boards  and some use different fenders . But the cab was the same . The  p/u used a frame like most p/u's  that contoured the bad and bed . The big truck used straight frame rails. Still the same cab. The new 500 cab is very cool  very very well mastered  it's has the large fenders and the big back window. Along with the newer style grill..  



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