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Copying and casting Body Side Moldings and Emblemss to

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Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for copying body side moldings and emblems too make castings to use on other cars? For instance, I am looking at buying a '55 Ford 2 door wagon and I'd like to change the side trim to that of a 55 Crown Victoria. In other words, this photo represents what I would like to create but the die cast wagon body's side trim is all wrong. And yes, I know the pictured car is a '56.. but how can I duplicate that trim and transfer it into the 55 wagon?

55 parklane wagon.jpg

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"The way I do it is to make a dam around the area using modeling clay. Then pore Smooth On Silicone Rubber into the form. When the rubber has set you can pore resin into the cavity. I use Smooth On because you mix t 50/50 by volume. Good Luck"

While you could use the above approach, I'm not sure you could get the rigidity necessary for the compound curve unless you used something like screen wire to hold the shape. Remember, you're going down a flat side, then up over the top of the fender; I'm skeptical about the Silicon Rubber being firm enough to hold that shape.

THEN, after the mold is made, it might take several pourings to address the compound curve (that pesky thing called gravity comes into play).

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