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I'm retired, living in Ohio.  I've worked as a mechanic, in customer service, and as a programmer.  It always stuck me as odd that the job I liked the least (programming) paid the most, and the one I liked the most (mechanic) paid the least.  I was active in SCCA club racing in the 70's so my interest are in sport/racing type cars, although I would put hot rods in there as well.

It's been a very long time since I've done any modeling, but was pretty good at buying a nice supply of them over the years.  I'm unfortunately cursed with the inability to just build anything out of the box, and always end up in the dark underbelly of 'scratch building' :).  On the up side I don't believe in wasting a lot of time re-inventing the wheel, and will seek out those with experience.  

My first project was to be a simple one.  I have a TR3 snap kit that I wanted to build as a curbside SCCA production racer.  The only thing I have left out of the box now is the body, and the under tray.  I flared the fenders, put in a new interior, bought some mini lite looking wheels, but then I got stuck on what I hope will have some simple solutions.

Been reading the forum, finding some great tips and models.





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