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How I have built a 1/6th scale race tire and wheel

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I believe that this is my first post on this website. I registered a while ago but I think that I never introduced myself, a french-canadian scale modeler living around Montreal, Quebac. As I like to build things from scratch and use all kinds of materials... and toolings,  I happened to have a very unusual and crazy race car project into 1/6th scale, the biggest scale that I have been working on  in my life.

I wasn't able to find anything anywhere up to my desire as race tire and rim, so there I am, once again. in the process if building it myself. I am going to put the last picture of my update (near completion) on this work in progress but I own a website on scale modeling since 2009 (ten years old  next summer) and I have created a page on the whole story and the whole process, with several pictures and paragraphs of blablas on  the different steps. The piece is huge enough and I wrote the dimensions on my page as references. I created the wall of the tire from scratch (another crazy challenge) and you can see the different steps on it.  There is also another 1/6th scale project, a figurine of a beatiful girl that is near completion too. The link will be at the bottom of the page that I am leaving here.



Feel free to contact me for any comment or question. My email address is at the bottom of most pages.

Have a nice day




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Thanks for your kind comment Ace-Garageguy. By the way I like the nick name that you chose. That reminds me that my late elder brother was calling me ''the garage rat''.  He was not a handy man at all. He had all the time his nose in some books. So I called him ''the library rat''.  

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Nice.. i had the same issue in 1/12 scale so i had to improvise.. it was a challenge but i have learned how to make my own tires and make a mold to cast them in rubber.. now i have options i didnt have before.. 3D printing helps, you can convert them into rubber..


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