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Lola T-70, Union/IMC, 1/24

Matt Bacon

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Back to the bench... made a few steps forward, and the odd one back!


Turns out it IS possible to get the spare wheel in flat, as it should be! I couldn't figure out the battery location from the instructions so I first put it where my reference photos showed it, in the front bay. However, they were clearly pics of a slightly later version, after the regulation requiring the carrying of a spare wheel was dropped, and the front end re-organised. As you can see, it really belongs in the "passenger" footwell, where there are actually a few small blobs on the floor to show where it goes, which I hadn't spotted before. The fire extinguisher is a home made addition... I just like the extra colour and "clutter" it brings.



I decided the engine bay needed a bit of busy-ing up, so made a couple of oil cooler radiators based on my references. Solder for connecting pipes.




Also added the alternator on top of the transmission: it's driven by a belt from the left hand drive shaft. In theory, the oil cooler radiators should be higher, but I didn't want any chance of them interfering with the fit of the rear engine cover.





The eagle-eyed will note that I've painted some of the bulkhead body blue. In real life, the upper section of the bulkhead is part of rear clamshell. If I was doing this again, I'd cut those sections off the bulkhead before installing it, and attach them to the clam before painting the whole thing... but I'm not taking it all apart again at this stage! So, now it's time for the last major operation: fitting the cowl and doors to the main chassis. The join is seamless, and bonded only at that 1/4" section by the slot in front of the door hinge pin sockets. So I'm using a combination of gap filling superglue and styrene cement, in the hope of getting the seam solid and filled in one go. It'll still need to be cleaned up and sprayed body colour, with some precision...

Wish me luck...





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I noticed that, Skip... though I thought it was this kit, because it's top of my mind!

So the cowl/scuttle is now fixed and blended, after several rounds of filling and sanding, involving microballoons as well as superglue and cement...





Now to see how those rather ancient decals have held up...



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