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Best finish for rims

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Dear All,

What is the best finish to replicate Porsche 928 wheels?

I am converting Tamiya's Porsche 928S into a regular 928, which is not easy to find. Therefore I designed and printed the tele dial rims. I am thinking of using Alclad2. I have no idea how the finish will look like since this will be the first time for me to use it. I am torn between ALC-103 (Dark Aluminium)  and  ALC-102 (

Any suggestions?



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Krylon’s Colormaxx metallic silver is a nice match for that sort of finish - it has just enough shine and reflective quality to not look like silver paint but is tougher than Alclad and lays down really easily.  It’s my go-to now for a matt aluminum kind of look, and gives a convincing finish - especially if you give the parts a light black wash afterwards too

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