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Revell Replacement parts

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I know Revell stopped sending out replacement parts for awhile but I heard they started again. The decals in my FD 100 Foose truck disintegrated as soon as I tried to apply them Granted they are small, the engine decals. Went to Revell website to see what they say and it was not a pleasant experience. Granted, I'm not real good with computers so could be something I"m doing. Has anyone tried ordering parts lately and have they started sending them out again? As everyone said, this a very nice kit and I look forward to finishing it.

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The Revell Germany site is where you must go and select customer service.  If the model is recent or still in production, odds are good.  If not, odds not so good.  I just got replacement tires for the Unimog Fire Truck, the 20 year version.  Mine were "melting".  I expected to pay, given the age of the kit, but replacements arrived with no charge.  I am sure each case is different, but that would be the place I'd start.



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