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Dually H2 (low detail)

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I bought a few finished models and unfinished kits from a friend awhile back. This H2 was in the bunch, and I decided to do something different. There arent too many duallies on the market, so I decided to try this. The wheels are 3D printed from 3D scale parts. The wheels look great. I added the fender extensions and cut the back off. I think it looks ok overall. I still have work to do, like finishing off the cut on the back, and fabricating a 5th wheel hitch. Im not adding a ton of detail. Its just a low detail model (not sure what they are called). The interior is a single piece, and the suspension came off in 3 pcs, that all screwed on. Im going to use it to "haul" my custom trailer. I made a few changes to it also. 

And, yes thats my finger in the top picture. Im an idiot.






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That is an interesting looking Trailer. Is this going to be a 5th wheel set up ? Is the rear portion of the roof going to be removable or a bulk head behind the back seat ?   

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It will be a 5th wheel. I designed it to hold 4 cars. Im working on the parts that have to move right now. I havent decided on the H2. Im thinking it will be finished off like the H2 SUT (I thinks thats it). Its a 4 door with a short bed. 

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