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Regarding the solid rear panel on the 74 Corvette kits. Yes, I know the 74 Vettes are supposed to have a split rear panel. The engineers at Chevrolet could not figure out how to make the rear panel one piece for the 74 Model Covette, so they did it split. They figured it out for the 75 version. Now, I figure the model companies get the plans for the cars early, and I bet the original plans for 74 Corvette called for a solid rear cover. So both AMT and MPC molded the kit with a solid back. When Chevrolet figured out they could not do a solid one and had to resort to a two piece, it was too late for the model companies to change their kits.

So, we can accept the solid rear panel on the 74 Corvette by the following options.

A) It was originally supposed to be this way or
B) the mythical owner of this particular car went to Chevrolet in 1975 and got the one piece rear panel for his or her car.

Either way, both AMT & MPC molded their 74 Corvettes with a solid rear panel and I did not want to cut one in and perhaps mess up the Corvette lettering on the rear.

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4 hours ago, kelson said:

I like the color choice, not a often seen kit,i have AMT'S version but the tail panel is separate for some reason.

I also have the AMT version  of this kit and I found it inferior to the MPC version. Both the front and rear bumpers were too wide and required a bunch of sanding and filling to get it to fit correctly.


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