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  1. haha, yeah, Ace Ventura is working for Hermes I think! I got a refund so it's not all bad. I can't see any tyre tracks on it but certainly looks like it was driven over.
  2. I guess this one could be used for the petrol station scene where it blew up, Lol! 🤣
  3. I don't know what it is, they just seem to be getting worse all the time. It's all good my friend, thanks for the offer but another one is on it's way:) It should survive this time as it's from a seller I've bought from before and haven't had a problem yet. The one that died was a bid I put in and won, it was only £2 cheaper so didn't exactly lose out on a bargain.
  4. Well this sucks. My '68 Charger turned up in the post today and before he even handed it to me I knew straight away from seeing the damage to the box that it was over! The thing was crushed flat, like someone drove over it and then jumped on it to make sure that whatever was inside was dead! The box was very strong and the seller even lined it with some extra cardboard, yet someone, somehow still managed to find a way to destroy it. I can believe it though as I've worked with people in my time who are just an absolute walking disaster! You know the type, the ones that make you question how the
  5. That's one seriously cool looking Mustang, I really like this. Very nice job.
  6. Those wheels look great on this. I can hear it burbling as it slowly cruses through the show entrance! Nice build, man. I like it.
  7. Very nice and I love the colour. I love this kit, one of Revells best.
  8. Love these huge boats of the 70's. Very nice builds you got there and loving the colours.
  9. Cool looking build. I like the retro graphics on the side, and those banded wheels with seriously stretched tyres! You nailed this one, very nice.
  10. Both very nice builds. I love the Superbee, these are such attractive looking cars.
  11. Lovely detail and very clean. I like the deep blue and it's very smooth looking.
  12. Beautiful. I love the colour, it suits it extremely well.
  13. Nice looking build with very clean trim work.
  14. Amazing! I've ever seen one or even heard of a Kurtis. I had a quick look through your WIP, and man, there is a lot of work put into this! and it's certainly paid off, it looks great, beautiful little car. Very nice work.
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