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  1. Thanks, Tom. I took the picture in my kitchen near the window, the card is just reflecting the light from it. When I used the flash it looked like a nuke went off! haha,
  2. Looks like a real outdoor shot with the background, paint is flawless. Very nice build.
  3. Great looking build, looks like it just finished a weekend on the track.
  4. Beautiful. These pre war rat rods are just so unique.
  5. doorsovdoon


    Amazing detail and weathering there! Loving the semi wheels on the rear, great looking build.
  6. I love that purple metallic, very nice. Another great looking build, Jim.
  7. Beautiful build, awesome detail on it and I love the colour combo, especially that blue. Looks stunning, very nice.
  8. wow, now that's nice! Stunning job, love the wheels, they really set the car off nicely. Gorgeous colour too, very very nice.
  9. Trying some diorama ideas. This is very basic, just coloured corrugated card on a cake plate for now, Lol. My idea here is a kind of 60's showroom display.
  10. Thanks, Helmut. Yes, the foiling was quite the grind on this one, haha. Thanks, Tom. Cheers, Nigel. Thanks, Tim. I have some diorama ideas in mind from looking through the diorama section, they really bring the models to life. Thanks, Lee. I tried that and it comes out too dark, with the flash on it just white's out. Even when the light is right it blurs the subject but the background is always crystal clear. I've tried three different cameras and I get the same results. Thanks, Dave. I think the paint is the same colour I used on my Buick Electra
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