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Mack r rubber duck

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Not long ago, thanks to the kindness of my trusted shopkeeper, 
I came into possession of this kit ... as soon as I saw it only one 
image flashed in my head !! ??
After I finished working on the last model I am now ready to 
start ... it needs some small changes that will be fun to try to make,
 let's see what I come up with ...??




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Started monogram kit for runner duck ... these two
 kits have an advantage and a disadvantage:
The advantage is that they are super satisfactory, you 
see them take shape immediately !! ??
The downside is that your fingers hurt afterwards??





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Thank you so much Gator??non fgosse for the scale 
and the plastic tires are not bad sti kit snap tite.??
After having assembled the tractor and trailer, no without
 problems which I then solved (the snap joints are sometimes more
 difficult to put together than those that need to be glued) 
I slightly modified the tank to make it look like the one in the
 film and I painted and added the details provided by the kit to 
the tractor (those of the film not yet), I painted the tractor
 with semigloss black and the tank alternating layers of metal 
with a glossy transparent layer (the painting of the latter
 has yet to be finished)





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I did one of these as a Rubber Duck too.  I scratched built the front rack and a few other parts.  For the wheels, I filled all the holes but two opposing ones  with putty and made them as two holes wheels as in the real truck.  The decals are in http://www.modeltruckin.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3_33&products_id=146

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Ok, we're at the end of the trip ... the ladder is a bit off the 
scale and the decals are still missing, but I'll think about it, 
the trailer wheels I stole it has an old new ray toy of mine???, 
for now I consider finished and I like it!!???? Enjoy it!!??







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