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 I was looking for the 1988/89 Merkur Scorpio.The US derivative of the European Ford Scorpio/Granada. Merkur was a sub-brand from Lincoln-Mercury. Two Merkur models Sierra XR4ti and Scorpio) were sold by selected Lincon-Mercury dealers in the US and Canada. The Scorpio was build in Cologne /Germany. It was powered by a 2.9l V6 well known in the Ford Ranger, Bronco II and Aerostar.  The Scorpio was a competitor of the BMW 5-Series, Audi 200, Mercedes-Benz 180, Volvo 740, Sterling 827 and Saab 9000. Following the 1989 model year, Lincoln-Mercury ended imports of the Scorpio (closing down the Merkur brand). Along with unstable pricing resulting in insufficient sales figures, continued sales of the model line would required a costly redesign to remain in compliance with American safety regulations

From my own  experience the  Scorpio had a bigger interior with more leg and head room than a Mercedes Benz 180. The Scorpio was in my opinion the better car than a Mercedes Benz  180, but it was just a Ford here in Germany.

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Matt Bacon





Well done, congratulations

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