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New project on the horizon


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Hello all hope everyone's well. I have a new project on the horizon (actually two) but I'll concentrate on this one first. I got this as birthday gift from my Son earlier this year. The AMT 1970 Chevelle SS454. Could use suggestions on the build, and any pitfalls the kit may have. Thank you.




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It's not a bad kit for an older one. Everything fits pretty good and goes together easily.

Inly drawbacks are the rear pan molded to the back bumper. Makes it difficult to paint it. You'll have to either mask off the bumper or cut the pan free and paint it separately, that what I did.

Other thing is the sides of the body have these weird extra character lines that are not there on the actual car. They were always there on the kit though from the time it was first released as a promo.  Most people just ignore it but I did smooth them out on mine. 

The putty on the body in my pic will show you where I mean.

And, like I said, most people just ignore it.

[btw, I added that extra vinyl roof and Malibu trim to the front fenders and doors myself]

130 3021

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