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Logging Truck Project

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Winter weather is here, which means back to the basement hobbies.  Made quite a bit of progress on the log truck project over the last week or so.  

After some experimentation, I couldn't get the salt technique for rust to look in scale so I painted it with acrylic "Gun Metal" and then weathered it with chalks.  Log bunk was painted with the Gun Metal then drybrushed with Testors "Steel" for areas where the paint was worn off, weathered with chalks for flash rust and then some finely ground leaves were sprinkled here and there to simulate bark residue.  Fairly pleased with that.

Cab is just sitting on the frame so I could be sure about the location of the loader tower.  It'll come back off and I'll do a little plumbing of air lines and electrical and such.  Nothing approaching complete detailing, but some of the more visible stuff.

Still haven't decided on a color.  Don't really want to duplicate colors from other models.

Due to the location of the loader tower and it's stabilizer legs, I'll be relocating the fuel tanks further aft.  I tucked the battery box up under the driver's door, which in retrospect might have been a mistake.  If I can rig steps to get into the cab I'll leave it, otherwise I'll have to see about relocating it, probably to the other side.

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Getting there.  Several details to finish up.  Wanted to get the cab mounted to make sure relationship between cab/hood/radiator/fenders was correct.  And it is...whew...

Chose the gray and black color combination based on another model on this site.  Wouldn't have occurred to me but I really like the effect.


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