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  1. Barn pretty much finished, need to do a little dressing up around the edges with ground cover and some detailing inside - tools and fence remnants and scrap lumber and such.
  2. This is the 1:1 barn I built in 2001 when I was raising sheep. Needed hay and equipment storage space. This will be going on the diorama when finished. This is the sheep shelter I built to cover their hay feeder and give them a place to get out of the rain if they wanted. Just waiting on my scale sheep.
  3. Exactly. One of the reasons I enjoy it so much. I like to tuck a few inside jokes here and there too.
  4. Put a new glass bed on the 3D printer and am able to print small objects again after months of struggling with adhesion issues. This is a fox sitting in the woods watching for lunch. A doe and a fawn cleaning up apples in the orchard. A buck watching from the woods.
  5. Thanks. That was actually done in 4 pours/layers. The resin I used recommended no more than 200ml per pour to avoid overheating and flash curing. A previous attempt at tinting resin came out completely opaque and looked awful. This time around I used a different tinting medium and tried to sneak up on the darkness I wanted. I'd have liked to go a little darker but I was afraid of overdoing it.
  6. Looking at it now, I wish I'd have added some bottom debris and (if I could find any in an appropriate size) fish. I'll be adding details around the shore, I'm working on a beaver lodge and have 3D printed the beaver and a turtle. Need to find or mix appropriate colors to make the exposed bank look muddy.
  7. Thanks, David. This is the part of the process I enjoy the most.
  8. Got a good start on finishing the added acreage. The hill area in the back left corner has been expanded into the new area with a pond. Waiting on some resin tint for the water in the pond and cattail marsh. Still contemplating what to do with the flat areas. Do have one building in mind for the front to the left of the house.
  9. After further testing, a couple of notes: 1. Blending the fiber goes MUCH faster and more thoroughly if you pre-soak the torn up carton in water with a drop of dish soap. I put it in to soak and went off to do other things so I don't know exactly how long but it was thoroughly soaked and I actually wrung it lightly before popping it in the blender. 2. This should have been obvious, but the more plaster you add the quicker and stronger it sets up. Of course working time is reduced but not inconveniently so.
  10. NOBLING is correct, styrofoam insulation board. Great for building up thickness, light and easy to carve with a hot knife.
  11. Very nice! Judging by your wall art, we could be brothers. I'm 3/4 German as well. What did you use for your roof slate?
  12. Sounds amazing. Looking forward to more pictures!
  13. Looks like a great start! What will you be finishing the exterior of the garage with?
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