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216 is a grand slam, but...

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More than a home-run; for this old rodder it scored four! 

However -- and I enter this topic with real trepidation -- I couldn't believe what I read in the Atlantis '57 Chevy kit review: "... for once, the tips of the tailpipes don't have to be drilled out, as the '57s exhaust pipes exited through the bumper, under the taillights, painting those flat black will surely suffice."  Friend Greenberg, while the '57 Chevy was designed to have that feature, it never did.  That port came blocked from the factory, and the only cars that actually ran it open (with the chrome getting dark and eventually rusty) were those who took it to a muffler shop and had the duals modified.  I only recall seeing one or two cars thus modified, and I was an eighth-grade car-guy wannabe in that year-- and also have owned 3-4 '57s.  Chevy designers had only to look at the Ford Thunderbird with it's open bumper ports, and see where that not-better idea lead.  DeSoto, other MoPars too, perhaps?  Well, if there is going to be an authenticity mistake (re: 1:1 cars) you might as well call attention to it by advising as above.  Now, if I'm wrong, you can call me on it; but please, no hate for merely stating a fact-check on authenticity. This is print, folks, and print has staying power.

Besides, why not drill out the bumper port, if it did indeed have a pipe outlet?   Deep breath, and push 'submit topic.'  Wick

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