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C15 Powered Pete 378

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First post so any tips you seasoned modelers can provide are VERY welcome. Going for the classic owner-operator look, something that had a lot of thought put into it when ordered. Frame is Rustoleum Heritage Red and cab will be gloss white to make the red and gold stripes pop. Will be dropping a C15 in the chassis once completed. Would love a good resource for custom decal work and anything else you guys on here do to put all of your work over the top. Thanks for following this build!





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20 hours ago, TruckerAL said:

One of my favorite trucks, and kits, of all time! I'm following. Looking forward to that swap as well. For custom decals, I use STS scale model decals. Great stuff there. 




This work is excellent. Love the two-tone scheme you went with. Thanks for the decal info!

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On 12/2/2022 at 11:20 PM, TruckerAL said:

Thank you, much appreciated! STS is great, definitely my go to for custom decals.

What are your plans with that spare 60 series? Message me if you'd let it go!

Sorry, Al I should have been more specific. I do not actually have a C15 and with the build being just for me I was going to dress the Detroit as much as I could to resemble one. Otherwise, I’d be happy to let it go not much of a Detroit guy

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Posted (edited)

Interior complete, some minor cab issues to correct. Had to completely disassemble after first glue and trim the dash back 1/8” to allow the firewall to fit. Wouldn’t be fun if it was easy. Quick mock-up here, cab is Tamaiya Racing White





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Little progress. Chassis air tanks and fifth wheel added. Sleeper assembled though large gap between roof and side walls that I just couldn’t let slide so the puddy will be sanded and a final coat on the sleeper to be added. Feedback always welcome




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