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Jimmy Flintstone

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The guy on the left is Gregg Hutchings, editor of Model Cars Magazine. On the Right is Jimmy Flintstone and this is his work shop!

It is based outside of Chicago Il and is a full service resin casting source of virtually anything including fantasy figures.

Gregg and I traveled there in October of 2006 and it was featured in MCM. But I took a mess of pictures that trip and felt that it would be neat to post a few more here and the rest can be seen on my Fotki account. (Warning, some are a little erotic and might offend)

Jimmy's work is first rate and the quality and service the best in the business. Most of his car stuff are street rods and modified designs since Modelhaus and Replicas and Miniatures already cover the exacting replicas of Ford, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Buick, Olds, etc. that are not available in kit form.


Jimmy also has a huge selection of fantasy and...aaaa... erotica is the best way to describe it (Dr. Flintbone). His master-builders (no pun intended) are some of the best in the business and even I was amazed and wanted to bring home a couple of pieces. (But didn't)


These are just a few of the masters Jimmy uses to make the molds.

Jimmy not only casts resin, but vacuum forms windshields and die casts white metal details as well all in the one shop.


The molds are numbered and on a shelve at easy reach.


The molding process is quick. Jimmy takes a list of his products that customers have ordered. Pulls down the molds. Mixes the resin and pops the mold into a vacuum chamber. Minutes later the mold is removed and the new body extracted from the mold. Careful... they are hot! I didn't get pictures of the actual process because it was so quick that I had to keep closing my jaw...


Jimmy got his start by airbrushing t-shirts at local car shows. Indeed he still does that to this day... although most are now by mail order. Meeting Jimmy was one of the highlights of that year as I found the man to be very approachable, funny and easy to talk to. He is I believe the closest thing to a rebirth of Ed Roth if ever there was one! :blink:

So... if you want someone to do any casting for you I would suggest you give Jimmy a try. He can only say no....

Lots more pictures on my Fotki.

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WoW, Thanks Jair, that was cool! I've met Jimmy at the model show here in Detroit, and yes, he is very approchable and friendly. Plus, he does do some pretty nice castings. That was REAL interesting to see, again,Thanks! :unsure:

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