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mom and pop hobby shops

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I do all the time. The Milwaukee area is great that way. In the small city I live in, the local drug store even carries most of the Revell car kit line at $20.99 each. A bit much, but when you figure in the mileage to Milwaukee and back (18), it evens out. Some LHSs have embraced the interwebs, like Model Empire in West Allis (Milw) who even send out mailers with the latest stuff and sale prices to regular customers.

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It's really cool you guys are supporting your local shops!

Now if you only realized that there are others on here that might benefit to know the names of the shops and where they are.....which only promotes the health of your LHS by a smidge....but it does help! Give them a shout out!

My local's are

Star Models (online or in person sales)

3 Hobby Lobby (not mom and pop of course) I work for one of them :D

Michael's (not mom and pop)

Mangelson's (not mom and pop, but I think it is family owned)

2 Hobby Town USA (not mom and pop, but gotta support em'!)

Tony's Toys and Collectibles (sole owner, kinda mom and pop but is located in a shopping mall and I think there is another one in Council Bluffs in another mall but never been to it)

Another friend will be opening an online shop....but won't say who or what yet.

I live in Omaha, Nebraska....if these shops are of interest just email me for locations and stuff.... trakburner@yahoo.com

I travel a few times a year, it might benefit your LHS if I knew about them! :lol:

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I have two decent shops in my area,Philadelphia. One is a Allied hobbies,(I'm not sure if this is a chain?) which has a fair amount of kits but not too much else related towards this hobby other then paint and glue. Then I found the motherload Cappeli's hobby and stamps,located at historical 3rd and Market Sts. so you have to find a meter and take a nice stroll to get there though, its well worth it.He carries a assortment of models from every era and a large assortment of accessories and what i find very helpful is that Mr. Capelli is a plastic enthusiast who shares his knowledge and time and with 48 years in business it is vast.If your ever in the area be sure to drop in.

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I had three hobby shops in my immediate area, all of which are gone now except for Pegasus.

Its a pretty decently stocked shop, but prices are getting outrageous. Even though i dont buy them often, i was glancing at the prices of Tamiya models while there, and $50-65 seems to be the norm. Not going to keep me from buying the kits i want, but it just seems like someone went through all the stock with a calculator and price gun and marked everything up $15-20 overnight.

Even kits that have been sitting untouched there for years are moving up the price scale.

It is great to walk in there after they've bought someones collection though.

The collection kits are definitely better priced, and often times kits that are harder to come by.

For anyone who lives in Southern California and doesn't know, Pegasus is located in Montclair.

Just exit the 10 west at Mountain and hang a left on Moreno, its down a few lights on the left hand side. Definitely a great place to spend a few hours.

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i think that price quote for tamiya is pretty universal, new kits here in california sell for about that.

I am lucky to have two hobby shops, one mom and pop and one a sort of independent Ace Hardware affilate. unfortunately both are a ways from me, but Riverside Hobbies in sacramento is good, and down the street is RC Country which has a lot of static plastic model stock as well, plus a lot of scratchbuilding etc parts and just general stuff. Then in Berkeley, about 50 miles from me, there is University Ace Hardware i think its called and in the basement is a pretty great hobby shop with kits and accessories. if i am not mistaken they might be having a sale this weekend with an outdoor slot car track set up and reduced prices on kits.

i like mom and pop shops and i hope they endure and keep america (the world, really) from being "big box"ed into one choice, so i am usually willing to pay a bit more than retail to keep things going. but prices at all three shops are very competitive and often marked down.

but yeah, new tamiya kits like the nissan etc, 60 - 65 bucks. from the factory i believe.

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but yeah, new tamiya kits like the nissan etc, 60 - 65 bucks. from the factory i believe.

Yikes man. I was just basing my pricing on that about two years ago when i bought a few tamiya kits. I dont remember them being even over 35.00 in the same shop. But i guess everything has gone up since.

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