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53 Chevy

Greg Cullinan

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This one was a bear in painting stage,started out tamiya pink but due to poor results it took a bath in the purple pond.Fial color is Tamiya pearl light red ts-59 over Dupli-color sandable primer. Installed aftermarket wheels and a photo-ecth sign in back window along with Kens fuzzy fur in pink.







Thanks for looking,I really enjoyed this one as it was my first big bodied car.

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Great paint, great gloss, great interior/engine - over all great work. But the wheels/tires don't really work for me. You have what looks like a real fine traditional hot rod but the modern billets look very out of place. I recommend a set of wide whites with chromies or babymoons. Even a set of five spoke cragars with wide whites would be good. The wheels/tires from revells 49 merc would be great.

Please understand this isn't a bash of your work, just my opinion. I think the traditional look is the way to go here.

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I like the color and the wheels. It all looks good together. I might have to try more Tamiya paints instead of just the clear TS13 and clear pearl TS65.

I noticed your envelope of BMF in the back. I think you're supposed to store it in the refrigerator.

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I thought of baby moons too and I have a pair.I plan on getting another of this kit and may take your advise.I appreciate it as I dont really know alot about what type of what goes with who and when if you follow!

Your best bet for planning builds is to find some members here who have a lot of 1:1 car show pics in their Fotki/Photobuckets and hit those up for inspriration. That's what I do.

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