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58 Rambler gasser WIP


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Saw a cool old two tone green Rambler in one of Ed Shaver's gas station dioramas, and got inspired! Went looking for a pic of a late 50's Rambler similar to Ed's two toner and found a cool '58 Rebel. It was a 4door, but....


worked up this ball point pen drawing of that Rebel as a gasser-- the 'Rebel Rouser'.


Made some copies and did some color studies, liking the two tone green on Ed's and hoping

to make that the predominate color scheme. Worked up the gasser parts from pics from an

old AMT Nova funny car kit.


Here's where we be at the moment. Just got me a montrous new Dell and the Adobe Creative

Suite 4, and have been doing some exploring. Playing back in PhotoShop again and lovin' it.

This is a cleaned up version of the original ball pointy pen drawing with some revisions made.

Thought this would be a nice little project to practise on, still need a lot of practise with the lasso

tool. So far I just cut away the car and all the smoke, shadow area, etc, layed in a blue/white

gradient on the background, cleaned up the car layer a bit and merged the two layers. Plan is to

follow the color study more or less, still not sure about the 'Rebel Rouser' for colors yet, and hope

to add some more lettering; cubic inches, gasser class, etc, in PhotoShop.

As usual, I learned something-- really gotta start with a better drawing-- much less clean up that way.

Wouldn't mind finding a reasonably priced old Johan Rambler to build up like this here, but I'm

probably better off not adding another project to the bench, and just 'build' this one in PhotoShop.

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John , the 59 rambler was actually done in Resin by the company that was casting the stuff for Jo han in Dallas . I spec somebody might even have one of those Ramblers around too. I like the drawing too , thats :lol::D:D:D a keeper ! Yep ,4 hubcaps .............. Ed Shaver

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Been spending some time in the 'Shop' doing some 'painting' of this here Rambler......


...masking the flames off prior to painting them here.


Close up of the masked off flames with the 'painting' just about done. The circle above the fender

is the 'airbrush' and will only 'paint' the flames. They're surrounded by a white dotted line signifying

that that area has been 'selected' and is the only part of the screen that is 'active'. Kind of like a transparent

layer above the drawing.


Got done with the flames, then 'masked' off everything but the windshield and layed a heavy red tint on it.


Spent quite a bit of time masking and painting the body green and a kinda primer front end. That's all for today!

More WIP pix of the process in my Fotki:


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