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Pontiac 400 heater hose question

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Pontiac used a line that ran from the heater to the water jacket, usually on the rear of the intake manifold. This was the way that I remember seeing it on all Pontiac V8s from 1955 thru the '70s.

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IIRC, it went to the block next to the dist. I don't remember having to take it off when I changed intakes on my std 400 in my 70 GTO. Didn't have to yank my dist either. But may very from one model/year to the next. I have asked pontiac questions on the performance years forums and they have been very helpful.


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I owned both a 1967 and 68 and by brother had a 69 bird the rear heater hose goes from the heater core in the fire wall to the passenger rear cyclinder head just behind and a little below the rear intake runner there was a nipple on the head, the only coolent passage on the intake manifold was at the front for the upper rad hose, the other heater hose goes from the water pump to the firewall. I hope this helps.

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