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Six 1/24 IROC Porsche 911 GT3 RSR's

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More photos at http://public.fotki..../iroc-porsches/

The group I slot-car race with decided to have a racing class based on the first International Race of Champions which became known as IROC. For the first year of the championship Porsche 911 RSR’s were used and drivers for various racing series competed. The cars were painted a vast array of colors and at each event cars were assigned by a draw. For our slot-car class we used 1/24 scale Scale Auto Porsche 911 GT3 RSR kits which we got a very good price from our good friend Alan Smith at 132 Slots cars http://132slotcar.us These kits happened to be rally cars so a few modifications had to be made such as filling holes for additional headlights and for the roof vent. I was assigned the job of painting the cars of colors of the six lane Suzuka GP Circuit replica track we race on. The colors I used were Model Master Custom Lacquer Italian Red, Daytona Yellow and Green Go and Tamiya Orange, Brilliant Blue and Racing White. After another fellow did the decals, I sealed them in three fairly heavy coats of Model Master Acrylic Clear. To make marshalling the races as easy as possible and as a bit of a joke, the colors were identified on the wings. We decided to assign the name of a current racecar driver each from a different discipline to each car. The two other slot-car racers involved in this project go by the names of Slotbutton and PTfan so the white car was assigned to Jenson Button from F-1 and the blue car to Paul Tracy from Indy car. Valentino Rossi is on the yellow car, Tony Stewart is on the orange car, Tom Kristensen is on the green car and Sebastian Loeb is on the red car. Slotbutton painted each of the driver’s suits and helmets in the designs the drivers are most known for. He also did the final assembly after I did some additional body detail.

For the first race with these cars fourteen slot-car racers participated with each doing three-minute heats in each of the cars. Even though the cars just barely fit on the track side by side the racing was very realistic and other than a bit of wing rub to the outside and inside lane cars, they still looked very nice after the racing was over. In the end the total number of laps for all racers were pretty close but the winner was clearly ahead of the rest.

This was a fun project and I am very happy as a modeller how the cars turned out and I am also very impressed as a slot-car racer at how much fun they are to race.

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We ran a 1/32 IROC six race series at a local Track a couple of years ago. We ran Scaley porsche 906s that were all owned and setup by the track owner's son. This was at a Commercial Track, on a 8 lane 160' Carrera Road course. It was a lot of fun, and the series winner got a new Slotit Controler, second place got $50 store credit, and third got a $25 store credit!

There was plans to do the series again, but the Lady that owned the Buisness decieded to retire. Soon afterward the Track closed!

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