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One finished & One work in progress

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Simple body swap on a 1/32 Scalextric '63 VW Beetle to an Arii '50 VW Split Window Beetle. Fairly easy swap, I made the head and tail lights work on the the new body. The most difficult (if you could call it difficult) part of the lights was locating the tail lights on the rear fender, the Arii body didn't have locations for the lights, (measure up from the bottom edge of the fender and then from the center of the hood handle on the '63 and transfer to the '50). Head lights needed to be drilled out to tight fit of the O.D. of the '63 buckets add a drop of super glue or epoxy on the inside to the bucket and fender. The interior bucket needs to be slightly modified to fit inside of the Arii body by cutting down the side panels slightly. Drop onto the '63 chassis and cruise in style! Repainted the interior in a dark tan which is close to the interior color of my first Oval Window the exterior was painted "Celery" green (close to the green on the Split Window Bugs).


The second is an Airfix Mk 1 Bug Eyed (Frog Eyed to those in the UK) Sprite being swapped onto a Reprotek Fiat 600 chassis. The chassis with the Fiat body didn't handle at all slid around every corner, deslotting constantly even tried sheet lead with little or no results. Early tests with the Bug Eyed Sprite body are completely different, looks like a little tuning and it should handle almost like a magnet car if not better.

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