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Duster interior question

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I'm doing amt 71 duster. I admit I did little to no research on it. When I started the model I knew I wanted a sublime green body with an off white creamish interior. I don't know if there was this color combo available or not. I can't find a white interior in any pictures. My question is what color would the steering column and wheel be? I would think the center cap/horn button would be white but would the rest of the wheel also be white? Thanks for any info you may have


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Most Mopars of this era used a lightly textured or matte finish on the lower dash and steering column tube and collars, so they were usually either black or color keyed to the interior color.

The horn pad (assuming you are using the base three-spoke wheel included in the AMT '71 Duster 340 kit?) color would be color keyed to the steering wheel. '71 Valiant/Duster interior options here: http://www.hamtramck-historical.com/dealerships/1971ColorAndTrimPlymouth-05.shtml

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Posted (edited)

On any white int car the dash frame, dash pad and steering column will always be black

1971- 1974 the rim of the tuff stuff wheel is black , regardless of interior color.

The white int in 1971 is a fairly bright white, not a cream color

The creamy off white/ bleached tan looking int colors came out approx 1973 or 74 time frame

as an fyi, there were some tuff stuff steering wheels where the rim is colored to the int, but those came out about 1978 or 1979 time frame

here's a bit of trivia,

the black interior on a 1971 duster,,,,, it's not black. It's actually a 2 toned dark charcoal colors with the outer sections of the seats are darker than the center sections

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