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gibson engine preparation question

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Most resin still has the mold release coating on it, and the most often used method to remove it is an overnight soak in Wesleys Bleach-Wite, a white wall tire cleaned found in the automotive section of most marts, or your local auto parts store. A light scrubing with an old toothbrush and a good rinse and you should be ready to go. Resin will take any primer and paint but you must use epoxy or super glue because the regular model glues wont work.

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Everyone keeps saying to soak or wash their Resing parts in Wesley's Bleche White, but I havent seen it in the auto parts stores in a while. Where is everyone getting theirs these days? I've been soaking in the purple pond and having no adhesion issues. I think that I heard or read that some use TSP - Tri-Sodium Phosphate on their resin, stands to reason it is a standard painter's item that cleans almose anything.

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Guest G Holding

Clean it well...BEFORE you do anything else.

I tape a sheet of 400 grit paper to a glass sheet (1/2" thick, 4x6" and flat) to sand all parts flat..go slow with resin. Gibson headers need a lot of cleanup usually..not too hard. I mock up with white glue, then take down, wash glue residue off and assemble with CA. Good luck !

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