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55 Chevy Convertible- 57 T Bird 1/16

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I picked up 17 parts kits ( cars missing a few parts). They had been sitting in a garage since 1987. Among them were the 55 Chevy convertible in yellow and the 57 T-Bird in blue, both 1/16 scale. I'm certain they are both AMT kits. I'm thinking from the late 70's.

Does anyone know anything about either of the two cars ?-- I didn't get any boxes with the kits. Just wondering how rare they may be. They are both built with a couple parts missing on each.

Of the other 15 kits-- Is there a good place to look up kits and get info on out of production etc?

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I don't remember them being molded in colors. I have the 57 Chevy Convert,

And had both 55's hardtop & convert, but traded them.

All were molded in White. I bought the 57 Convert New in Pittsburgh in late 79-early 80

Yes AMT offered these.

I think the line included 55 Chevy Coupe, Convert & Nomad, 57 Chevy Convert, 57 T-Bird,

and I think a 64-6 Mustang

These kits had opening doors.

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