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2012 Copo Camaro AA/Stock Eliminator

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Hey guys!

I just got Revell's new '10 Camaro kit, and I will be building the new Copo Camaro from it. This thread will be both, for collecting reference pictures, and finding parts for the build, and later I will post the progress on here, too.

My first step is to find Reference pictures. Here is my Reference-Albums on Fotki (http://public.fotki.com/ModelCarReference/reference-pics/chevrolet/2012-copo-camaro/ ), they are under construction, but all pics what I got of Copo Camaro, are there. If you have more pics, or find more pics of mainly the engine, interior and chassis, they would be greatly appreciated.

And of course, where could I find these parts:

1. Blower. I'm going with 327 SBC and Blower on this one, but where could I get one. '07 Shelby Mustang has something that is pretty close, but how about some other kits, or resin parts?

2. The Hood. Is there resin part, or do I have to make that scoop from styrene?

3. Wheels. There might not be perfect ones, but as close as possible. Where I could find something similar, or then where could I start modifying?

4. Decals. They are quite simple, I could paint them too, but of course it would be easier if there would be complete set of them.

There might be more parts I don't know where to get, I just don't remember all of them....All kind of help would be appreciated.

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