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1969 Camaro hood.

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Hart's Parts Resin makes (what appears to be a re-pop of the) a resin AMT '68 Camaro hood, if you can't find a styrene hood.

Thanks! I took a look but it does not seem to be flat.

Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland has what you need. Part number SRD 7103, goes for $9.95. Fits the Revell 69 Camaro kits.

Thank you. Do these guys have a website? I only found some fotki accounts when i tried google it.

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Thanks for the info. Yes i notice now the hood arent flat at all. maby i mistake it for the 67-68? I recently did win the 68 Camaro from AMT on ebay. It look very flat in comparison to the 69 stock hood.

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The 67,68, and 69 hoods are ALL interchangeable, I know, I had a 69 Camaro till I gave it to my daughter. They ALL have the sculpture lines near the edges and in the center. they are exactly the SAME. The 1st Generation did NOT have a completely FLAT hood.

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