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'31 model a tudor (chopped and channeled)


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going to be a slower build not really in the winter build rythem but already started to .....

the boxart


nice supprise inside with surfboards :)



awsome wheels




very cool body , the styrene is really thin so still thinking if a top chop is wise , the roof and rear are one piece and the cowl and windscreen post a second part and loose doors .

considering the thickness of the styrene i'm not sure if it will be steady enough ..

but not saying i wont chop it :) lol




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well enough sinkmarks in this kit > got to love monogram :) hehe

decided to clean all the lines on the top , its supposed to be a canvas rood and there is a thick seperation line on the roof , the front part had structure to resemble a canvas roof..

also had horizontal lines on the backside that run trough the horizontal molding ...



flattened everything so its now one steel body , scribed the horizontal moldings so that runs nice and smooth again


on the bottom side on the back the body had a sort of sticking out part , i cut that of so the underside is as low as on the sides



after getting rid of the massive sinkholes in the dash i placed the gauge housing , sanded that more round and drilled holes so i can place dials inside


made a central switch (push / pull switch)


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thnx and yes the wheel wells look weird with the step in there .. maybe its for something inside like a bench or ...? i think i must be there for a reason and its something about the interiour :)

btw i'm not really going to build it exactly like that , i never build like a exsisting car but it was just a example of the style / feel and the body steel instead of that canvas roof

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Hey Rich..this '32 Sedan (back burner for now) got the raised rear wheel well treatment.

This way the rear tires get tucked in close to the body without messing up the body lines .

It also got a mild chop top.

It's going to be a high boy style build...the '31 will be like yours....sorta...LOL

Keep up the good work..it'll look real nice in your Dio.


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thats cool james looks awsome , i thought about raising the wheel wells or making them bigger so i could go real low and maybe get the wheels in a bit also ..

but after looking at some reference pics i desided just to put in a inner well and get the wheels wider and not in there ..

first i really have to make a piece between the front and rear body where the doorgap is to make the body one piece and the dooropening is square and the doors fit .. in this kit when you dont use the fenders its really not a easy fix .. but i love that

and thnx luis and george

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Hey Rich..post up some pixs on your door/cab fix...inquiring minds want to know.

i will when i get to it :) not there yet :) but i will post the cabine works with good pictures

Love that rear '32 shot with the wheels tucked under, and liking the direction the A-bone is heading too. I'm still sometimes kinda amazed at how many 'right' ways there are to build a good-looking hot rod. :)

you are right , well i also love that rear shot above wheels in looks great but mine will be difefrent going for a more extreme rod myself ..

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well went on today with the rest of the body .....

after putting the main body together i looked at it with the wheel , the body will be raised a bit higher then this of course


after sanding the seem a bit


then i put some bondo on the seem


cut the doors


and windscreen


then glued it back together , the doors needed some attention during the drytime because the whole side has got a round shape and i needed to make sure the doors kept following the line


very rough dryfit




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