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Terry Jessee

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I was having fun taking pictures tonight and dug out some more Model T stuff. People don't usually associate me with this kind of stuff, but I had a lot of fun building all of these (with one exception).

I've shown the stock 1925 pickup and the yellow T-bucket before, but thought I'd include them again here.

The red T coupe was built for Hot Rod Model Kits. The blue one is a clone of a model I built back in 5th grade (about 1962). I had fun building it like I wish I could have then. I didn't do any wires or anything--just out of the box. But it's cool to have it just this way because this is how I built the first one back then.

The red '23 roadster is the "Street Rods" series kit. After AMT brought out the Double T (again, about the time I was in fourth or fifth grade), I liked drawing hot rods and drew this (I thought) very cool full-fendered hot rod based on the Double T kit. I always wanted a model of it, but didn't have the skills to do what I wanted then. That '23 is a garage sale refugee (you'll see) that I rebuilt, and I built it to look like the drawing I remember

The '27 Touring was built for a story I did for SAE in 2000. It was about T kits, and used the same title as this post. I tried to do it like the '68 edition box art of that kit (the first non XR-6 release).

The metallic brown T bucket is Lindberg's "Tee Wagon" from about 1970. That was for HRMK, but got cut because of space limitations.

The Wild Willie T is not mine. Wish it was--it's pretty nice. I bought it built from a guy when I was working on HRMK with the idea of using it for the book, but then Bill Coulter sent me some slides of a gorgeous model that Barry Payne did, so I used Barry's car instead. I think that wound up in the SAE story, too. I've kept this model because it was cool, and I liked it.

And of course, there's Norm Grabowski's "Kookie T." That's the Danbury Mint model. It's just gorgeous. I got it because I like movie and TV models, too, and that was "Kookie's Car" in 77 Sunset Strip (remember that one???).

So here's a little T time.














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