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1/12 camaro (old version)


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I had some issues with this build, luckily I had a little help from hawk 312, as im sure you know his are some of the best around so I had some pretty good tips, i liked the color it was molded in so I actually have no paint on it, just a ton of polish and wax. The pics dont really show the finish but in person you could never tell it wasn't painted and cleared. I also got the idea of the window sticker from hawk, thanks man. I cant wait to start the build of the new foose I got. This one will get the full paint and polish treatment.















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yeah as far as i Know you can do it 100 percent stock. god love Chip Foose, but cant make it as great as the factory. Atleast in my humble opinion. I hate this, I have the new kit here but cannot bring myself to open it until I have another to put in the vault lol. I hope hobby lobby starts to carry them and buy a few with a 40% off coupon.

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yeah as far as i Know you can do it 100 percent stock. god love Chip Foose [...]

Good to know that this release includes stock parts !

While I'm not really a full-fledged fan of Foose's works , I certainly do appreciate said work from an artist's persepctive, and froma gear head's perspective . He gets paid well to perform 'x' amount of modifications to a customer's vehicle ; who in their right mind would turn that down ?

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