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4-1 Header; Options for wheels on an Integra


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Hello all, I'm building another Revell Integra, my 3rd. Nice detailed kit, and the best of the Revell Honda's I.M.O. I went with a dark blue (still needs to be polished out) with flat black hood, no wing. I have 3 wheel/tire combo's i have narrowed it down too. The first option is a (?) stock type R wheel from a Japanese kit with Hasagawa tires, second is Fujimi Prelude wheels with Hasagawa tires, and third is XS tuning rims/tires. The first two choices not sure of a color (white or bronze I'm thinking) Opintions please!

Also, Not happy with the kit header, I scrach built my own 4-1. Its 1/16" aluminum rod for primary runners, that feed into a thin (thinner then K&S tubing) wall electrical barrel end. The flange is .015" thick aluminum sheet, heat stain is sharpie marker. Ironically I don't have a lot of model building time, but wasted a few hours on this, lol.







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Xs tuning wheels would be my pick. But i would lower (sorry im a customizer dont care for stock ride heights personally) the suspension just enough that wheels will fill out the wheel wells. Header looks awesome by the way a tutorial would be sweet to see on the header. Body looks good in that color as well.

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The header looks amazing, you should do a tutorial on another one....it's that nice!!!! Great job!!!

I'll try to explain the header as best as I can ;) I should have taken a picture or two along the way. I have W.I.P long tube headers for a '83 Camaro, I'll take a few pics along the way.

This one, I bent up the 1/16" aluminum rod following the kits' stock exhaust geometry, making sure they cleared the oil pan. The flange is .015" aluminum sheet, I drilled the holes for the pipes with a pin vise, and for the 'V' part, I filed with a small triangle file. Where the tubes go into the collector, I filed each into a 1/4 circle as best as I could, made to fit into the collector. It was a lot of trial and error, but I will make the next ones faster. Glued with thick gel super glue. The heat stain is sharpie markers, and a very small amount of alcohol on a micro brush to make them blend. Cool thing is if you mess it up, just clean with alcohol and start over!

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