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my question in inglish

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I have a little problem to create my new project, I can not find on the net, how a rotator or sliding or nrc to Metro?
So my question is how to slide cuff work?
if anyone has pictures of the top of a slide-rotator I am interested because I think the pictures of the front, side and rear
thank you to answer me
so you
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It looks like he uses Google to translate into English.

He is asking for a photo or drawing showing the top side of the mechanism for a rotating wrecker crane / boom. Specifically the part that allows the whole assembly to slide / rotate on the truck.

I think says he already has some photos of the type of wrecker he is looking for just nothing that shows that particular part of the unit.

I think he wants some detail photos of a unit like this.


I have several others of this particular truck, but unfortunately I don't have any showing the bits I think he is interested in.

Patrick, I don't think I have what you are looking for , but I do have some photos of wreckers here. Maybe something in there will be useful to you.




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What Patrick is asking is if anyone has drawing or photos that show how the track or rail system on a sliding rotor wrecker are built. I have looked at several thousand wrecker photos and I have never seen the details he is asking for.

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Here is one picture I found of a Metro 50 ton sliding rotator when I did a quick google search.


It looks like the crane base slides on beams/rails and there must be horizontal hydraulic ram/rams operating the slide.

Here is a forum about towtrucks with lots of pictures, have a look around and you might be helped more.


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