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Help with glass for my first resin kit

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I need some help. I a building my fist resin kit and I am stumped when it comes to the windshield. I am building a Vega panel and need tips on how to first get the curvature and then what type of glue to use.

I have canopy glue (which is similiar to Elmers) but it doesn't have the strength to hold the curvature.

Thanks in advance.

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I used a section of an index card to make a template and transfered that to a piece of clear sheet. I then used strips of tape to hold it in place and used a medium bodied glue and dabbed it in spots and hit it with an excelerator . Then slowly removed the tape. I used the blue lower tac tape. Worked for me. Good luck.

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Ed, if you click here (scroll down a little), I have a very mini tutorial on how I did the glass for my '63 Chrysler Turbine Car. There is some text with each pic to help things along. Also checking here (scroll down a trifle), will lead you to my '67 Mustang thread which shows how I'm doing the glass in that one.

You're working with resin which is naturally a different animal than plastic------in this instance I would use super glue to fasten your window post strips, and 5 min. epoxy to hold your stencil sheet in place.

I'm a big believer in replacing kit glass when possible. Too much distortion and way too thick in its appearance has been a major turnoff for me for many a year.

Hope this helps you out! ;)

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