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We are going to be offering a limited time only Lifetime Subscription deal, for only 200 loyal readers and subscribers. The Lifetime Subscription will include a cool dash plaque, patch, and a Lifetime Member Model Cars Magazine T-Shirt. Some friends are helping out with the swag for this, so it will help out big time in the long run. If you want to wait on renewing your subscription until the first week of May, that would be great. The Lifetime Subscription Rate will be announced soon. I’m not giving up, and although you may have heard some talk or rumors out there, I’m not going away either. Thank you everyone, for your patience, support, and trust over these past 20 years (well, 20 years this October, 2019).

As you may have noticed, we have increased our subscription rates. For as long as we could, we tried to keep the rates low, but we have to increase them now to make the magazine better, and on time. 

We changed the printing/frequency for Model Cars Magazine back starting with Issue #203, going from nine issues a year, down to six issues a year now.

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