Editors Corner

Editor’s Corner #168

Well, it’s the middle of March, and I’m writing the May/June 2012 Editor’s Corner. Can you believe this? Yes, it’s really cold somewhere, somewhere where that guy with the red suit and those funny things on his head lives. Okay, enough of the jokes and trying to be punny… See what happens when I’m not in control anymore? What, you’re not in control anymore, who is? And why are you talking to yourself? Have you lost your mind? Okay, I don’t know where that came from, but let’s just say it happened, and be done with it.

With summer almost here, the real car shows are going to be getting a lot of attention, and those who were hibernating over the cold and blustery winter months can come out of the basement or hobby room and start enjoying the sun and warmer days. With all the building that got done over the winter, I hope everyone has been getting ready for sensory overload at the car shows. One thing I have been doing is creating folders for different projects on the computer, and dragging or copying everything I find or photograph into those folders. Every once in a while I will print out a small 4×6 sized print for reference, or maybe an extra push or inspiration to get that project back on track. Most of the time I look at all the reference materials on the computer. Even most of my magazines that I subscribe to (over 25 per month) are now digital versions, either with Zinio, or the other platforms.

Yes, I am still putting the final touches on the digital versions of the magazine, it’s a lot more complicated than just creating or using the pre-press PDFs that are created by Auggie and Joe at the Denver office. There are some steps that we have to do before the PDFs are made to make the digital versions work a lot better and easier. The hard part now is deciding how to deliver the digital versions. Should they just be simple PDFs that can be downloaded, or should we go to a platform/service like Zinio? Or maybe use another option or service? There is too many variables out there right now, it makes the brain hurt.

I will be putting together a lot of the best of the best articles from the back issues of MCM, and hopefully we can have a great collection of how-to articles, features, and other stories available for downloading soon. So it seems that this month I’m dwelling on the digital side or aspect of our hobby. I remember not too long ago I was getting yelled at every time I even mentioned the “D” word, now I’m being asked when are we going to be not only available in Barnes & Noble, but on Zinio as well! Soon, my friends, soon! Good things come to those who wait…

Like I have said before, with all these back problems I have been going through these past couple of years, I have had a lot of time to build models, and I love it! I have so many projects on the workbench it’s not even funny. I have been posting them on the forum when I can, and even on Facebook every once in a while. Okay, I pau for now, time to get back to that ’48 Ford Custom from Revell that I just painted.