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  1. Well I hope you don't mind it comes with a story.

    When I was young my best friends dad was the "wrench" on a dragster. They ran at PID, Pittsburgh International Dragway. I think it was around my 13th birthday, would be 1968, that I had the choice to go to a motorcycle TT race, kinda the early Motocross, with my brother and my dad or go to the dragstrip with my friend. I went to the dragstrip.

    My friend's dad was already there so we went with my friend's mom. They had a Ford Ranchero. To use the horn you squeezed the steering wheel. On the way we crossed a bridge that had an incline leading to it. When we hit the lip we were airborne and the horn blew until we touched down. She was in a hurry. It's funny now.

    Once we got there I saw the Flintstone Flyer Barracuda of Dave Koffel. It wasn't a "funny car" per se as it came before that class was made. It was classified as an A/XS which, I believe, was the Super Stock class. Sadly, the car did not make a pass while I was there. 

    I did get the opportunity to sit in the dragster with the stern warning NOT to touch the parachute lever. I didn't. You'd see the driver with his knees bent while in it. My feet didn't touch the pedals.

    The dragster did make one pass. It was against a car which IIRC got close to a half track start. The dragster smoked it at the top end.

    It was a great time and a wonderful birthday. It will always be a fond memory.

  2. 11 hours ago, bobss396 said:

    Orange cats are special, I had a couple of them years back.

    From what I know orange females aren't common. Not that it's real rare but more than likely an orange cat is male.

    Makes her even more special.ūüėÄ

  3. I had a red legged tarantula back in the day. Best pet you  own. All I had to do was feed and water it. Never had to clean the cage. No I don't know why but I didn't. No visible excrement to tend to. One of those pets that if you didn't want to hold it you didn't need to. I would just to freak out girls. It died in mid-molt so yes, molting is hard on them.

    I like ball pythons too, haven't owned one yet.

  4. 1 hour ago, W Humble said:

    The best joke I ever made up:

    RIddle: How many pit bull owners does it take to change a burned-out bulb?

    Answer: Two -- one to say "It ain't burned out!" and one to say "Well, it shore wouldn't have burned out if you hadn't teased it!"

    This was about fifteen minutes after I was bitten on the left hand by a young P.B. bitch while delivering PPG products to a jack-leg body shop on my route.  I was 71 years old, and didn't even see the hound which got me as I set down a heavy carton of paint!  OW!  Wick

    Is this joke supposed to be funnier the second time  around, are you trying to restart a debate about pit bulls or have you not gotten over it and feel the need to repost it?

    Almost one year ago:

    How many pit-bull owners does it take to change a light bulb?

    Two: one to say it isn't burned out, and one to say it wouldn't have burned out if you hadn't teased it!

    I made that one up, within 15-minutes after having a young female PB sink her teeth into my left hand.

      I was delivering paint and body-shop stuff to a shop, and didn't see the dog, but a mini-dog was pulling on my pants cuff while my arms were full of a 40-lb. box of paint.  As it set it down, the PB struck -- and the owner was saying 'She don't bite!'  Ah -- so how does she eat?  Wick  Was not fun~!

  5. I have an idea in mind and I am looking for a 1970s style motorcycle engine and front wheel/tire in 1/12th scale. A 750 Honda 4, a Triumph or BSA or a Harley Shovelhead (either generator or cone motor). I would need the Harley tranny too.

    I could use just the parts or trade for a kit. I don't have much left in the way of model stuff to trade but I do have some stuff that's green. I also have a newer, nice Paasche H airbrush I'd trade.

    Send me a PM please.

  6. My 4th grail arrived yesterday from Switzerland. It's an EFBE BI Hinged. These were hand made in Germany. They work the same way the Grafo and Hansa brushes do. You can't push down on the trigger, just pull the trigger back for paint flow. The foam in the upper part of the case deteriorated behind the blue piece. I'm looking for something to replace it with.The air valve connection is not one I have and the adapter didn't come with it. I have found a place in the UK where I can buy what I need but the adapter is out of stock right now. I'll get a notification once it's back in stock.




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  7. I just looked at your KW. You are offering free shipping but state in the description that you will calculate the shipping cost after the auction. Just my gut feeling you will lose your shirt on this one because of that. Most likely the buyer will "select" free shipping. eBay will not change that. I'd suggest you put a high enough shipping cost on any others you list and maybe add the same disclaimer that this one has. On this truck I'd have put at least $30 to ship it. 

    If you plan to list a lot I'd suggest you invest in a Postal scale if you don't have one. You would have a good idea of the weight. If you are using your own box I'm fairly certain that if you put in all the details in the "Shipping" section of your listing eBay will calculate the cost.

    Just trying to help.

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  8. I was recently able to purchase 4 of my grail airbrushes. I've wanted them for a good while. The bad part was they all came at about the same time. It's hit my wallet hard. I have found that if you don't buy it when the opportunity presents itself you may wait a very long time for the next chance.

    The first to arrive a couple weeks ago was a Binks Raven. It's chrome. I've wanted one to go along with the two Raven ll brushes I have which are black.




    Yesterday's mail brought a Conopois model F from the UK. Whoever owned this one kept it in excellent condition. It looks like maybe 3 cups were used but the brush doesn't show signs of it. Neither does the needle. It did come with 4 spare needles as there is one under the brush, hose, small and large cups and lids for the large cups. The instructions, born on card and a brochure were also part of it. It looks like I got the total package that would have come with the brush, plus the extras.

    This was the second most I've paid for an airbrush. 



    Today's mail brought this rOtring. The head does swivel so I can put the cup on the right. This brush looks to have never been used. And the cup is gravity feed, not siphon.


    To give a size comparison I chose the venerable, greatest airbrush made ever, Paasche H as most members on here should be somewhat familiar with it.



    The 4th brush I purchased was just shipped from Switzerland. It may take about a week or so to get here. I will post it when it arrives.

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