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  1. Well I hope you don't mind it comes with a story. When I was young my best friends dad was the "wrench" on a dragster. They ran at PID, Pittsburgh International Dragway. I think it was around my 13th birthday, would be 1968, that I had the choice to go to a motorcycle TT race, kinda the early Motocross, with my brother and my dad or go to the dragstrip with my friend. I went to the dragstrip. My friend's dad was already there so we went with my friend's mom. They had a Ford Ranchero. To use the horn you squeezed the steering wheel. On the way we crossed a bridge that had an incline leading to it. When we hit the lip we were airborne and the horn blew until we touched down. She was in a hurry. It's funny now. Once we got there I saw the Flintstone Flyer Barracuda of Dave Koffel. It wasn't a "funny car" per se as it came before that class was made. It was classified as an A/XS which, I believe, was the Super Stock class. Sadly, the car did not make a pass while I was there. I did get the opportunity to sit in the dragster with the stern warning NOT to touch the parachute lever. I didn't. You'd see the driver with his knees bent while in it. My feet didn't touch the pedals. The dragster did make one pass. It was against a car which IIRC got close to a half track start. The dragster smoked it at the top end. It was a great time and a wonderful birthday. It will always be a fond memory.
  2. From what I know orange females aren't common. Not that it's real rare but more than likely an orange cat is male. Makes her even more special.😀
  3. When I first saw it I knew I had seen it before. You nailed it.
  4. My yearly post as I had gotten "Punkin" Christmas day 2021. She is my girlfriend. I tell her I love her at least 40 times a day. She is a special cat.
  5. Her: He's probably thinking about other women. Him: She's going to hit me when she smells that.
  6. My top three are tied so in alphabetical order: (the) Dark Knight No Country for Old Men Road Warrior Fight Club Caddyshack And perhaps a different genre: Pink Floyd the Wall
  7. I had a red legged tarantula back in the day. Best pet you own. All I had to do was feed and water it. Never had to clean the cage. No I don't know why but I didn't. No visible excrement to tend to. One of those pets that if you didn't want to hold it you didn't need to. I would just to freak out girls. It died in mid-molt so yes, molting is hard on them. I like ball pythons too, haven't owned one yet.
  8. Is this joke supposed to be funnier the second time around, are you trying to restart a debate about pit bulls or have you not gotten over it and feel the need to repost it? Almost one year ago: Posted September 11, 2022 How many pit-bull owners does it take to change a light bulb? Two: one to say it isn't burned out, and one to say it wouldn't have burned out if you hadn't teased it! I made that one up, within 15-minutes after having a young female PB sink her teeth into my left hand. I was delivering paint and body-shop stuff to a shop, and didn't see the dog, but a mini-dog was pulling on my pants cuff while my arms were full of a 40-lb. box of paint. As it set it down, the PB struck -- and the owner was saying 'She don't bite!' Ah -- so how does she eat? Wick Was not fun~!
  9. Made a trade with Paul Payne where we met halfway. It was great to meet him and we took some time to chat. He's a excellent guy to trade with. It was a fun day all around.
  10. I have an idea in mind and I am looking for a 1970s style motorcycle engine and front wheel/tire in 1/12th scale. A 750 Honda 4, a Triumph or BSA or a Harley Shovelhead (either generator or cone motor). I would need the Harley tranny too. I could use just the parts or trade for a kit. I don't have much left in the way of model stuff to trade but I do have some stuff that's green. I also have a newer, nice Paasche H airbrush I'd trade. Send me a PM please.
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