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  1. Happy Birthday Joshua! Enjoy your special day. Been to Ft. Sill, OK. for AIT ?

  2. Hey guys I need some help. If I airbrush model master top clear coat on my metallic green chevy truck. Will it remove scratches from my windshield and make it clear?
  3. Lol. Testors gunmetal, testors flat sea blue, and testors gloss green and thinner. Ratio wise I have no idea! Just mixed until satisfied lol
  4. The body paint is a green metal flake by Testors. It was a pain to mix to the right ratio. I nailed the purple metal flake on my hemi cuda though. This is only my second build in 12 years. This was the first I did a couple months ago.
  5. I mixed three different paints to try and achieve the original engine color. Came out pretty good.
  6. My progress on the 65 chevy. Bed of truck isn't shown because it fell into my spray booth filter with wet paint...ahhhh. so need to sand it down and repaint....talk about a mess...
  7. Was originally going with the yellow spark plug wire but when I went to put them onto the engine, realized I cut them entirely to short. Like 1/4 inch to short lol. So switched to Orange. I think the orange looks better on this color engine..
  8. And the son is the color I'm going with for the body. A metallic green I mixed up with some other additives.
  9. Ok guys so here is some updated work. Been really busy with the work life so haven't had much time to work on my models. First time wiring my engine, learned some tricks in the process that'd definitely be used on the next one.
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