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  1. Apartment, 12th floor. Windy, spray, came right back to my face several times. I don't feel anything right now, but I can see some of the paint under the gap of my mask on my face, but they can be easily just wipe off using fingers. Should I worry about anything? I am going to get a face shield thing tomorrow, that clear plastic thing, guaranteed. Thank you everyone!
  2. I think after all they are trucks...eh? RC though. I treated them like scale models...that's why I insist on buying hard shell body ones. Tamiya's the best! The F-150 Ranger goes first. It is a Blackfoot 2016, with 3D printed emblems. I call her "the Fireball." Got some aftermarket flame decals for her. Window nets made from masking tapes. Then I have the Tundra. I actually have a 2020 TRD Offroad one, so this Tundra is a must-have to me. Also I got the MFC-02 kit for sound and lighting... IMG_1405.mp4
  3. Ahh...Thanks, I heard that too else where. I am actually having some coughing problem recently. huh...
  4. Considering the scale - 1/12, I have to say my 787B kit, particularly those car body parts- are very heavy and thick. But I think you are right - if resin has any chemical reaction with alcohol which I have no idea at all - but I'll be extremely cautious for sure. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks a million, sir! My bad that I failed to mention that I am actually pretty confused with the resin kit itself since it feels super hard to cut - then I found I might find something useful from home depot will go there and check tomorrow. Plus I am currently an international student so I actually have all my tools back in my hometown however I do want to cut and sand this 787B to kill some time. Anyway, thanks again!
  6. Try to start working on the big scale MFH Mazda 787B, any recommendations guys? Thanks!
  7. Today's a big day for me. Got a brand new 2018 Toyota Tacoma SR midnight black. 4X2, enough for me though.
  8. Finally. But currently in Canada, no tools, no time. rolling my eyes for myself.
  9. Thank you and yes that was absolutely my fault. I just check my mirror and it was nice and clean. Need to check my blind spot, definitely.
  10. I am now in Canada, Ontario, today I drove on the highway and I was going to change my lane, I looked the mirrors but I didn't see any cars however there was a car behind me. I believe he must break suddenly and he hooted me badly. But no accident and he quickly drove over me looked back angrily. I raised my hand to express that I'm sorry. I know this is absolutely my fault, I just wish to know what will happen next? Will I get a ticket for this? Thank you guys!
  11. Thx Bruce i remembered last time you told me St. Catharines is your hometown then this time I am there! XD
  12. hey, guys long time no see! just wish to share something with you guys since this is the off-topic lounge... Currently, I'm studying at Brock University in Canada, a beautiful city called St. Catharines, I love here! And also I bought a new car, well a second-hand car actually but it's a new car to me! 2015 Micra, only 23000KMs! and it's a manual one! exactly what I want! I bought it from a Nissan deal for 10000 Canadian dollars plus taxes. I've left all my models back in China. New start!
  13. looks like pens really kind of out of date now... sad..
  14. I do! kind of old fashion now, but I love it! Got a Duofold yesterday And Pelikan M800 Also with Salior and some old Chinese pens Do you like pens?
  15. Wow, so there's no model shop in St. Catharines?
  16. Got an offer from Brock University. Anyone can show me something about models in Canada? thanks!
  17. In fact I've already sanded two of them :D!
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