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  1. OK try this:http://monsterprojekts.forumpro.fr/t674-moirans-2013
  2. All pics are here: http://monsterprojekts.forumpro.fr/t674-moirans-2013#4110
  3. Some very nice builds. Thanks to all
  4. Where can I see your slot car bodies???
  5. Hello, before the end of the world on the 21 December (!!!), show us all your 2012 builds. I start with mine, 65 Riviera pick-up 25 T 6 cylinders: 25 T pro-street:
  6. No problem.I prefer some constructive criticisms than no word!!! Especially when it is justified!!!
  7. Hello, here's my last build for 2012. It's a 70 Mustang Boss lakester.
  8. monster

    25 T

    The second one:
  9. monster

    25 T

    Hello, Here's 2 versions of the 25 T Hope you like it The first one:
  10. Hello, here's one of my last builds
  11. Ok I'am going to try to explain it with my very bad english!!! They are masks(hiding places) for the fixations(bindings) of mirror Thank for all compliments
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