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  1. monster

    '52 Chevy

    Maybe a cool build but too bad pics to see
  2. monster


    Great job on this beautiful kit
  3. Great details. I like this look!!!
  4. Very cool job. I like it
  5. It's a resin kit. Buy on the net but I don't remenber where!!!
  6. Hello, I start a new project on this old base: It's an old build I do from long time ago!!! I want to try to do a Riviera Pick-up This is the start of the work:
  7. Very productive work!!! Great dioramas
  8. Hi Doc!!! It an amazing job that you do on this dio!!! You really inspire me!!! Bravo
  9. Here is my 2011 production:
  10. Hello here is my last build. Based on this chevy van: I use the s'cool bus frame and engines Hope you like it Bye
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