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  1. Bought a new Bronco in Oct. and found out the Everglades I ordered in Sept. came in yesterday to the dealership. The dealer offered me 15k less than what I paid for the 23 a few months back, has only 2k miles on it, I felt insulted and left. I'll be keeping the 23 and said good bye to the 24 Everglades.

  2. Looking for part #17, wheel hub. This is for the Johan Challenger funny car.......... Could use one front wheel also.


  3. On 1/2/2024 at 1:04 PM, Phildaupho said:

    You mentioned Merkur. I built a Ford V-8 powered Merkur at least 20 years ago. Because Merkur is Mercury in German, and I always associated Mercurys with customs, I decided to build a custom Merk. I combined the roof section from a stock Tamiya Sierra with the lower body from a racing Sierra to get the distinctive Merkur side windows with a more custom body. To this I added a 5.0 Ford V-8 from a 1/24 Monogram 55 Ford Pickup Street Machine kit. [Apparently, there were V-8 Sierras in South Africa].  I painted it purple because the first custom Merc I ever saw was purple. At the time of the build 3-spoke wheels were popular with the tuner crowd which I considered the customs of the day. 

    Coincidentally I came across this thread when I searched Miata and saw your stalled project. I am almost finished building a Ford V-8 powered Miata which I will display here when done.


    Love the Merkur and Miata, well done!

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