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  1. Yup, 79 pace car Mustang body. You would need the 83-front clip from the convertible version. If Pace doesn't have what you need, I should have it.
  2. WOW! Truly impressive, awesome work!
  3. Taillights available also ..........
  4. Can ship to Minnesota, will look for taillights this weekend.
  5. Have the scoop plus front & rear glass available, might have taillights also?
  6. I remember Hot Rod magazine doing a story on it back in the day.
  7. Atlantis dragster showed up the other day, can't wait for the Prudhome Snake kits to come out.
  8. Wow, cool story and that you still have it is amazing! I think you got a heck of deal on it back in 1981.
  9. Yeah, pretty radical design, love it!
  10. Congrats on the Bronco, let the modifications begin ..............
  11. Looks great now! Maybe a hood scoop over that air cleaner?
  12. Nice! Had one of these delivered the other day, not bad at all. Might follow your tips and do some detailing on it, definitely need to replace the tires.
  13. How are the decals for the IMSA Mustang?
  14. Trying to finish this one up and have questions on rear spring location. The instructions are poor at showing actual location of the rear spring/differential location. Has anyone built this car and can offer up some advice? I would think there would be actual holes for the spring posts to positively locate somewhere, especially at the rear. I have this interweb pic, trying to make some sense of it.
  15. Interesting........... These have no side door because they are being converted to busses.
  16. So how does one get the 32 units back down there? And then you need to get them back to Canada?
  17. How big of a difference is the AMT tire to the stock one?
  18. Should have an extra one here. Have anything else available other than what you have shown? New Demon? Monogram pro stock?
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