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  1. Have the front half available.....
  2. Looks great! After seeing this I had to go find me one of these.
  3. The Monogram early fox body Mustangs like the pace car, Cobra, Cafe racer, 83 convertibles.
  4. Looks great! I need to find something close in that color in a spray can.
  5. Was hoping that Tasca would pull it off, congrats to Kalitta for finally getting one!
  6. I'd buy that Camaro if it were available locally, the wheels & tires are pretty cool.
  7. I hear ya, insuring 5 vehicles here.
  8. Wow, might be better off finding a complete kit? Do you have the parts list for all these numbers?
  9. Looking for the box and decals for this kit .......
  10. The outside mirrors slide into those notches.
  11. Well bought this one today, new 2023 Badlands w/sasquatch in Eruption green. Keeping my 2024 order in the system.
  12. Nice set up! I have been recently searching for late 70's early 80's Pioneer component car audio, separate amp, tuner, etc.
  13. Would love to see all these versions done
  14. How exactly would you do that? It's in mostly bare plastic, just the black is painted on.
  15. Looks pretty darn good. Where did you get it from?
  16. Got this 75 Pontiac a couple days ago, I've already cleaned it up and it looks good. The mirrors are glued on a little funky, not sure what to do with it yet, keep as is or restore/modify it?
  17. Looks great! Have one of these in the works also but will be using 5.0 Coyote power. Did you have any issues with attaching the body to frame with front & rear bumpers attached?
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