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  1. Interesting.............. may have to give this a try, thanks!
  2. Zen

    Monogram Porsche

    Looking for the wheels, tires and decals for this kit.......
  3. What kit is this trailer based off, is it the Revell race trailer?
  4. Pretty cool, I'm sure Ford could have sold these .........
  5. Does this current release come with the photo etch pieces?
  6. Would it be possible for AMT to do the 4 door version from this kit?
  7. I agree, the Raptor flares are questionable......... Plus, the price on them is ridiculous, but will probably sell well.
  8. Finally got the chance to drive one yesterday, 2023 with a few miles on it. Definitely a different driving experience from my Ranger. The rig seems wide from the inside looking out across the fenders but in reality, it isn't. The tire noise is noticeable with the bigger tires. Overall, a cool experience, can't wait for mine.
  9. Very nice, was wondering how the two would look like side by side.
  10. Zen

    85 Camaro

    Looks good! Is this the snap kit?
  11. Well, ended up ordering a 24 Bronco Everglades 4 door in the Azure gray metallic color. No idea on when I'll see it, but it's ordered technically.
  12. Is it possible to get body color painted flares & mirrors on the Black diamond?
  13. https://shop.ford.com/configure/bronco/config/summary/Config[|Ford|Bronco|2024|1|1.|322A...PE7...4DR.64X.99P.FHIAE.BKD.]?intcmp=vhp-bb-fbc&intcmp=fv-save-vehdetails-sivdp
  14. Is there a deposit required when placing the order? If so, how much? What If I don't want this thing by the time it gets built & delivered? Still can't find one to test drive.........
  15. That does look good, wondering what wheels those are, looks like factory center cap.
  16. Ha, the kit would be much cheaper to buy.
  17. Gotcha, I need to find one and take it on a test drive for sure. I'm currently in a 2019 Ranger so I'm sure it will be a different driving experience.
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