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  1. Well, ended up ordering a 24 Bronco Everglades 4 door in the Azure gray metallic color. No idea on when I'll see it, but it's ordered technically.
  2. Is it possible to get body color painted flares & mirrors on the Black diamond?
  3. https://shop.ford.com/configure/bronco/config/summary/Config[|Ford|Bronco|2024|1|1.|322A...PE7...4DR.64X.99P.FHIAE.BKD.]?intcmp=vhp-bb-fbc&intcmp=fv-save-vehdetails-sivdp
  4. Is there a deposit required when placing the order? If so, how much? What If I don't want this thing by the time it gets built & delivered? Still can't find one to test drive.........
  5. That does look good, wondering what wheels those are, looks like factory center cap.
  6. Ha, the kit would be much cheaper to buy.
  7. Gotcha, I need to find one and take it on a test drive for sure. I'm currently in a 2019 Ranger so I'm sure it will be a different driving experience.
  8. That's what I'm talking about right there Dan, love the wheels on the Black one. Put those on the red one and send it down to Michigan.
  9. My local dealer doesn't have any on their lot but told me on Monday that ordering for 2024 models begins on this Wednesday. I've seen a couple local 2023 models with super low miles get scooped in a matter of days here. So, if you place the order at the dealership do they automatically put a markup on it? I would have thought that finding a 2023 model still hanging around the lot would be cheaper? How are the soft tops? Quiet and leak free?
  10. Have the itch to get into a newer Bronco but not sure what to get, too many options. Have looked at the 4 door Big Bend w/ sasquatch. Not really sure what the sasquatch package is? Also disappointed that the Ford dealers do not have brochures anymore, everything is online now. Are the tops removable on the Bronco or just the soft tops? If anyone here owns one, please school me on these rigs.
  11. Fair amount of Testors spray paints on clearance, picked up at least a dozen cans. Have the color shift paint marked down big.
  12. The Monogram kits are my favorite also, need to build a copy of this one I owned.
  13. Looking good, is this going to be a stock build? That color looks grey in the pics.
  14. Yum, love these plants, lol. Have same problem here with the city deer.
  15. Looks great! Does engine detailing come with the kit, like the wires & plumbing?
  16. Looks great in yellow.
  17. Is this still available? Can't seem to find it on the website.
  18. Wow, that needs to be lowered, has 4x4 look going on but it is nice!
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