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  1. Love the Glidden cars. What shade of blue did you use on the back half of the 7/11 car?
  2. Outstanding pair of Mustangs!
  3. Looking to get a kit of the Porsche 928 but have no idea on what kit to get. Any advice of the best one to get in 1/24 scale?
  4. Revell AMT Ertl Monogram MPC 1/25 Surf Boards with Decals Tiki Beach Van Woody | eBay
  5. Might have some extra scout parts, pm me for what you are looking for.
  6. Zen

    front wheels & tires

    The wheels showed up, thanks Dale !!
  7. That's too cool, can't wait to see it finished.
  8. Zen

    front wheels & tires

    I think that would work. What do you need for them?
  9. Would be interested in F350 detail parts & dually parts if you are inclined to separate them from the kit. The AMG also .............
  10. Zen


    Kits are spoken for, thanks!
  11. Looking for the 2 front wheels & tires from this kit. Gave my nephew this snap kit and apparently it was not complete.
  12. AMT parts pack & 1:9 Zundapp KS-750 kits available, these are new in the package. Interested in older 70's - 80's Monogram kits, newer releases of most anything or who knows.
  13. According to George he did not write the article, still wondering what issue it may have been in.
  14. I think I need to stop going to Sam's club ...........
  15. Monogram 1973 Chevy Luv stepsider, Interested in this if you can provide a few more pics of the overall condition. Have the 56 Chevy flame decals.
  16. Zen

    Mustang II

    Need the glass, hood and rear bumper.
  17. Been wanting one of these for years, nice score! If you want to part with the Datsun let me know.
  18. Interesting........... So, are both attempts based on using the 86 pro stock body with the rear 87-wheel wells/quarters swapped?
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